Eben is one of the rarest of individuals within the marketing industry. He teachings are the ideal combination of actionable tactics and meta core principles that simply ‘work’. Having Eben as a mentor has been one of the most lucrative experiences in my career.

Jon Benson


Eben is one of my original mentor’s, and really helped pave the way for me when I was first getting started. He is a pioneer, and understands sales psychology better then anyone. He can teach you how to make your ideal clients feel like “”you’re reading their mind”” in a good, and authentic way, which leads to more sales. After attending his Get Altitude Live Seminar where I invested $10,000, I generated $16,000 into my business, in less then a month… and that was just the beginning. Since then we have gone on to generate millions of dollars in sales into our business, and I know Eben has been a great, and positive influence to that. I still recommend him to this day at my live events, and in my training and coaching programs. We are blessed to call Eben a partner, and a friend. If you are on the fence, make the decision to invest in yourself, and your business, so that you can learn these vital and necessary skills. Maria AndrosBusiness Strategist & Video Marketing Expert

Maria Andros


Eben Pagan is one of the world’s best entrepreneur coaches. I have attended several of Eben’s live conferences and am constantly leveraging his business practices in my every day career. Over the past 6 years, I have developed a world class operational model for the web and mobile development industry. This refined structure leverages teachings from Eben’s courses and has resulted in my success as the Chief Operating Officer of a 7 figure world-class business. I have a Master’s degree in engineering, but am now bringing in more revenue than I could have ever achieved in my past engineering jobs. Eben does a great job of breaking down complex business challenges into simple to understand principles. He also provides the tools to meet those challenges and is constantly innovating and pushing his mentees to think and act differently.”” – Vikas Bhatia, COO and Founder,

Vikas Bhatia


I have been following Eben as my mentor since 2008 through his various training programs. Over the past 6 years, I have attended almost all of his live conferences which resulted in me starting and building a very profitable Web and Mobile development services company. I started from the ground up and now manage a 7 figure business with no prior business background or any formal business education. I started my business part-time and within one year, I was also able to leave my lucrative corporate career as a Software developer since my business was bringing in three times more money than my full time corporate job. Eben’s programs are very comprehensive and easy to understand. He is one of the best teachers in the world when it comes to explaining complex business and marketing concepts in very simple and easy to implement steps. “” – Vishal Bhatia, CEO and Founder,

Vishal Bhatia


Eben gave me a million dollar distinction– ‘Focus on solving your customers secret worry and you will keep them for a lifetime’– This has made all the difference in how I approach my business. Eben’s wisdom is pure gold and I highly recommend you get in the game and learn from one of the absolute best!!!

Ted McGrath


Eben Pagan is one of the most brilliant and generous teachers I have ever met! He has shared ideas that have resulted in tens of thousands of dollars in extra sales. If you get a chance to study with him, take the opportunity without hesitation.

Sharla Jacobs


Eben has been one of my greatest inspirations over the past 11 years that I’ve been developing my business. I was originally inspired by his business model, his integrity, and his commitment to excellence. He can also be pretty entertaining. Now that I’ve done business with him and attended his Metamind training, I think even more highly of him. Eben’s a smart guy with a big heart… the kind of guy you can learn a lot from.

Ryan Eliason


Eben Pagan is the consummate teacher… a professor of the human condition who identifies and reveals the unique but common traits that people possess. Eben is a master marketer that shares his experiences completely and candidly in a way that the student can consume, implement and create personal prosperity. I am grateful to have Eben as my Professor of Marketing Mastery. Jeff Moore

Jeff Moore


Eben Pagan is a systems machine. He teaches applicable, real-world, business growthand mechanics programs that have helped my business generate millions in revenue with design to scale.

Cory Boatright


“I’ve learned more about growing my businessfrom Eben Pagan than any other source. Since first studying with Eben I’ve grown my business more than 10 fold all while working part time andputting millions of profits into my bank account. He’s a genius on marketing, team building, productivity, and overall business strategy. I highly recommend you soak up everything thatEben has to offer.”

Christian Mickelsen


How did I go from zero to millions doing what I love? The same way so many other folks did, many of them good friends of mine: Eben Pagan. I remember how people used to always ask me, “why is it that whenever you’re around the conversation turns to sex?” It was true! My deepest curiosity and interest has always been other people’s sex lives… But that’s not exactly something you can make a living at, is it? 7 figures a year, turns out, while working on my laptop from the beach. But this dream-life of helping people experience deeper intimacy and happiness in their relationships as a way to live my own dreams would not have existed if I hadn’t met Eben, and that’s a simple fact. Eben supplied the blueprint for my business from idea all the way through hiring, management, marketing, meeting partners and collaborators at his events, growth strategies, business systems…I could go on, but instead I’ll give you a helpful hint if you’re planning to take the plunge of turning your fun into your business with Eben’s help: Do what he says and don’t skip steps. I wasted quite a few years doing “most” of what Eben taught and put off some of the big lessons feeling like the didn’t apply to me yet, or just through laziness. Don’t cut corners with his material. You can make an easy 6 figures doing only a small part of it… but if you want to punch through to a 7 figure company and the ability to have real impact on the world… don’t skip any of it. Good luck! Alex Allman

Alex Allman


Eben brought me from a wandering entrepreneur ($50k in debt) to launching a business that I ultimately sold for $550,000 within 2 years. The kicker is that I met the buyer at the Guru Mastermind in 2010. Eben’s mentorship has literally been the best investment I’ve ever made.

Nick Unsworth


Finding Eben was a moment that literally changed my life. Personally, and professionally, I can honestly say I would not be where I am today without him.

Mike Dillard


I consider Eben one of my earliest marketing mentors and I’ve learned so much from him. I’ll never forget how much he’s taught me about growing an online business and I’m forever grateful.

Marie Forleo


Eben Pagan is a business visionary whose teaching allowed me to skip over about 10 years of mistakes that I would have made on my own! I don’t know anyone as masterful at combining marketing, psychology and strategy.

Laura Roeder


When we first encountered Eben Pagan’s work, 100% of our business came from word of mouth and we basically did no marketing. I used to be proud of creating a $1M business with no marketing. After learning from Eben’s programs, now I realize I’ve been sitting on a $10M business all these years… leaving millions on the table…if I’d only learned Eben’s view of marketing earlier. Thank you so much Eben!

Bryan Franklin